World class modern infra to produce Global quality castings.

| Infrastructure


  • Premises
  • Pattern shop
  • Core shop
  • Melting
  • Fettling
  • Quality Lab


Foundry Premises

Foundry Premises

Machine Shop Premises

Machine Shop Premises

  • Total Land Area: 30,000 Sq Meters
  • Foundry Office Area: 1000 Sq Meters
  • Foundry Work Area: 15000 Sq Meters
  • Machine Shop Office Area: 1000 Sq Meters
  • Machine Shop Work Area: 3000 Sq meters
  • A full fledged office with dedicated departments for Marketing, Sales , Finance & Accounts, Purchase, Production, Quality, and Logistics.

Pattern shop

  • Tooling Development is supported with CAD / CAM & AUTOCAST - Simulation Software facilities which minimizes the development time .
  • We are capable of submitting all parts with APQP, FMEA, CONTROL PLAN, SPC,MSA,PSW,PPAP.
  • In house facility for undertaking the Mounting of patterns followed by methoding and rework wherever required.
  • Two numbers of Lathes, one Milling machine, one Cutting machine, Surface table, Height gauge, and Digital Vernier exclusively for handling pattern shop activities
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM ) to inspect the First sample dimensions whenever required

Core shop

  • A Shell Core Shooter of 5Kg capacity
  • 3 Nos of Cold Box Core Shooter of 5Kgs, 10Kgs and 15 Kgs capacity
  • Co2 Core making facility with 8 tables
  • Heating Oven for baking of cores
  • 2 nos x 250kgs Core Sand Mixer
  • 2 Ton/hour capacity Core Sand Drier


  • 2 Nos of Medium Frequency Induction Furnace with 600 KW capacity each of Inductotherm make
  • Each of the above furnace has 2 Nos of 1 Ton Crucible
  • 3 Ton EOT Crane with 250Kgs and 500Kgs Treatment ladles
  • Mono Rail system for Pouring
  • 4 Nos of 500 Kgs Ladles for magnesium treatment for Ductile Iron
  • 12 numbers of SOHGS Hand Shanks.
  • Dust collector facility for environmental protection


  • Hydraulic wedge cutting machine for breaking runner and riser
  • Two numbers of 500 Kgs capacity shot blasting machine.
  • 8 numbers of Bench grinders and 2 Nos of Swing frame grinders supported by combination of pneumatic grinders.
  • Trimming Machine of 60 Tons capacity
  • Tumble blasting machine of 300 Kg Capacity for cleaning of components
  • Nozzle Blasting machine to clean intricate and complex core holes

Testing facilities

  • Spectrometer: ARL (Swiss) make 29 element analyzer
  • Image Analyzer with Camera Attached to Microscope
  • Sand Testing Equipments
  • Tensile & Hardness Tester
  • CEE Meter
  • Charpy impact tester