High pressure molding line

High quality castings with as speed of 180 moulds per hour from a DISA MATCH 130 line

| High pressure molding line

High pressure molding line

Moulding Shop

Any high quality casting begins with a high-quality mould. This concept is clearly embodied in our mind and we invested in new Disa match 20 x 24 with automatic core setter for producing moulds which result in castings with exceptional dimensional accuracy & superior surface finish.

  • Moulding size: 610 x 508 x 200x200 mm
  • Mismatch max: 0.15mm
  • These investments in technology give Technocast Foundry distinct advantages over its competitors such as:
  • High productivity -upto 180 moulds / hour
  • Highly intricate castings can be undertaken easily with DISA moulding technology. Complicated self-cored castings can be accurately developed.
  • Patterns can be changed without loss of production through our automated Quick pattern changing device enabling us to cater to products of all volumes without compromising productivity.
  • Total reproducibility of casting parameters based on pattern information, quick modification and alteration of these parameters through computer controlled functions.
  • With DISA MATCH 20 X 24 horizontal flask less moulding line Technocast can able to produce 1.0 kg to 30 kg single component weight to service a very diverse product range and can offer customers the most economical solution for their specific product.
Sand Plant
  • In order to optimize the working of the Automatic High Pressure Moulding Line, the Company has also installed a state-of-the-art Automatic Sand Plant which incorporates DISA SAM mixer TM190-75 with 40 Ton /hour sand plant with complete dust collection system.