AN ISO/TS 16949:2009
Certified Company
An high pressure line foundry

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Size and Layout

Common household trees such as Figs, Gums, Jacarandas, Hollies and Bougainvilleas can all create diabetes mellitus type 1 prevalence headaches for homeowners with intrusive root systems which can quickly block drains.

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Common household trees such as Figs, Gums, Jacarandas, Hollies and Bougainvilleas can all create diabetes mellitus type 1 prevalence headaches for homeowners with intrusive root systems which can quickly block drains.

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0761.01.07796 Diabetes Miracle By Diane Kress,30 Day Diabetes Miracle Review,Diseaseless Comerica

127/3B, Sangothipalayam Road, Arasur,
Coimbatore-641 407
Tamil Nadu - India.
Phone : + 91 422 2361000  
Phone : + 91 9943661000  
Fax     : + 91 422 2361050
Mail    :

Company Data
Name of the firm Technocast Foundry
Office / Works 127/3 B, Sangothipalayam,
Coimbatore - 641 407
Tamil Nadu, India
Contact person Mr. T. Kamalakannan
Chief Executive Officer
Mobile (HP) : + 91 97866 61000
E Mail:

Mr.Senthil Kumar
Manager - Marketing & sales
Mobile (HP) : +91 96267 77277
E Mail:
Field of activity Manufacture & Supply of Grey & Ductile Iron castings in both rough & machined condition
Number of employees 250 +
Quality Certification AN ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certified Company by TuV Nord
Working Hours Office : 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Factory : 3 shifts (24 hours)
Office / Factory : Sunday Holiday

By weight:
From 100 gms upto 100 kgs single piece
By size (mm) :
upto 650(L) x550 (B) x400 (H)

Cast Iron :
CI Gr.20, CI Gr.25, CI Gr.30
S.G Iron / Ductile Iron :
400/12, 400/15,400/18,
500/7, 550/6,
600/3, 600/8,600/10,